Super Flux General Properties
Curie Initial Permeability Permeability with DC bias Color Name Color Code Application Specification/
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Materials μi Hdc = 50 oersteds @ 10KHz Frequency
SF36Q-TAF200 35 30.8 (88%) Violet VE Up to 2.5MHz
SF49Q-TAF200 45 38.25 (85%)     Up to 2.5MHz
SF56Q-TAF200 56 41.25 (75%) Pear Yellow PY Up to 2.5MHz
SF53-TAF200 55 41.25 (75%) Light Green LG Up to 1.5MHz
SF67Q-TAF200 66 41.25 (75%) Pear Yellow PY Up to 2.5MHz

Super Flux Core Series are made of special high purity iron-alloyed powders which show much lower core loss than any iron powder cores but a little higher than Sendust cores. Although MPP cores have very low core loss, they have only flux of 7800 Gauss (Bs), which restricts MPP cores for high current applications. Besides, MPP cores are only good up to 300 KHz frequencies; if you meet applications for high current or high frequency up to 2.5MHz, please select Super Flux Core Series.

Most important Super Flux Core Series are much inexpensive than Sendust cores and MPP cores. In addition, Super Flux Core Series are available to be formed with various shapes and sizes.